A Country Mile

In Danger’s Path: A Human Response

It’s been a heavy week. A week of bad news. Hurricane Harvey in Texas, wildfires in the Northwest, an earthquake in Mexico. Political turmoil that just worsens every time I think it can’t get much worse. And, with Hurricane Irma threatening Florida, it’s about to get heavier. I’m praying for friends there who’ve hunkered down […]

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A Word (or Two) with Phil Bildner – Reposted from The Mixed-Up Files of Middle Grade Authors

Along with this blog, I have the privilege of blogging for The Mixed-Up Files of Middle-Grade Authors. I’m one of more than 30 author-bloggers who take turns providing content relevant to the middle-grade reader, teacher, parent or librarian. Mixed-Up Files bloggers blog every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with some special events happening in between. We […]

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A Mazza Journey

Michelle Houts is blogging this week from The Mazza Museum’s Summer Conference. The Mazza Museum is located in Findlay, Ohio and houses one of the largest collections of original art from children’s literature. The museum also hosts authors and illustrators throughout the year. Stick around to see who shows up this week. You won’t be […]

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