The Morning Person I Want(ed) To Be

Schoolhouse sunrise

At least a dozen times in my life I’ve tried to reinvent myself as a Morning Person.

First, in high school, when I began to drink coffee milk and sugar with a tablespoon of coffee.  I thought it would be great to rise hours before the school bell, do some homework, pick out a fun outfit. It didn’t last.

Then, again, right after I married TFOMD (The Farmer Of My Dreams). I was a farm wife now. Surely, I could learn to wake with the birds and the farmer. We’d sip coffee together on the back patio and watch the sun rise. Yeah, well. That didn’t last.

When my children were young, I was forced out of bed early for their morning routine, but I always had notions of getting up hours before the rest of the house, reading, writing, sipping my coffee, having all the housework done before the first child’s alarm went off. But, no. We were always flying in all directions, getting kids to school and me to work, just barely on time with no reading, writing, or sipping accomplished.

I loved reading about those beautiful creatures called Morning People. They seemed so ambitious, energetic, driven, successful. They embraced the light and pushed back their bedcovers with conviction every single day. If only I could be one of them, oh, what I would accomplish!

Earlier this month, I almost did it again.

I almost tried to be what I’m not. It seemed like the right time to give it another go. Our nest is empty for the first time. And, for the first time, I’m living the life of a full-time writer. My education colleagues  went back to school, and I did, too, in different sense.

My new commute is one mile. My new office is an old schoolhouse. My new workday will be what I make it. Four chapters drafted? One picture book revision? A day of emails and sending school visit contracts and writing blog posts? A day squandered on social media?

My new schedule is … up to me. I can be at the schoolhouse before daylight.  Or not.

Three weeks in, I’m glad I resisted the urge to force myself into being the Morning Person I’m not. I’ve lived long enough to know that I’m going get a lot done between 9 PM and midnight. I’m out of bed before 8:oo every morning, but I’m not really thinking clearly until 9:00. I can start some laundry, make a supper plan, pack a little lunch, talk to TFOMD for a bit (he’s back in the house for his first shower of the day. After all, he’s been up since 4:30, and he’s already been down to feed the hogs. God bless that man.)

So, today, the sun was nearly over the roof of the schoolhouse when I got here about 10 AM. But that’s okay. I’ve got a lot planned for this day. And, I’ve got until midnight to get it done.


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2 comments on “The Morning Person I Want(ed) To Be”

  1. Rinda

    I’m glad I’m not alone! I’m not a morning person, and finally accepting that’s the way it is. There’s something freeing about valuing who and what you are! Congratulations to Mrs. 8AM from Mrs. 9!

  2. Cathy Lentes

    I’ve always considered myself a morning person, and I’m definitely happiest writing in the morning. I really could use a nap about 2:00 each afternoon. But your husband (TFOYD) wins all the prizes. Very little would get me out of bed at 4:30 in the morning. And trust me, hogs are not on that list.

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