All About Michelle


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My first memory of writing was when I was in the first grade.

I wrote an awesome retelling of Jack and the Beanstalk using my two best friends as the characters. I don’t think my best friend was very happy when I cast her as the giant. The person who was happy, however, was my first grade teacher, Miss Course. She was so impressed that she sent me over to the second grade teacher’s classroom to show her what I had created. I remember knocking on the door of the second grade classroom and being very nervous that all those “big kids” would be looking at me when it opened. The second grade teacher, Mrs. Bryant, made a really big deal about my story! I think I decided then and there that I wanted to be a writer. Thank you, Miss Course and Mrs. Bryant!

You might think that incident made me want to become a writer, but it didn’t. It made me want to be a teacher! I went to Ohio State and became a special education teacher. I went back to college to get a masters in early childhood education. Checked that off the list. Then, because I loved school so much, I went back again for another masters in speech pathology. I loved college so much, I taught classes for a few years at a local branch campus!

I write inside a restored one-room schoolhouse. You can see it by clicking on the heading that reads: The Little Red Brick Schoolhouse.

Need to know more? Writing an author report? Here are a few common questions and fun facts:

* I was born in Pennsylvania near Penn State University, where my dad was teaching.

* My family moved to Ohio when I was four years old.

* I have two sisters. I’m the middle one.

* I lived in Denmark for six months.

* My favorite middle-grade novel is Tuck Everlasting.

* My favorite picture book changes all the time.

* Authors I admire are:  Katherine Paterson, Cynthia Rylant, and Cynthia Lord.

* I like hiking and cooking and collecting little lost objects.

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