A Country Mile

Too Many Ideas

Today I’m cross-posting with The Mixed-Up Files of Middle-Grade Authors, where I blog on a rotating basis with a couple dozen other writers. The topic at hand? What to do when we have TOO MANY things to write about. Which idea is the one that should get our undivided attention? Is it even possible to […]

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Middle-Grade Meets the Moon

I’ve been finding it challenging to keep up my author blog here on my website while also contributing to The Mixed-Up Files of Middle-Grade Authors blog. I’m not ready to give up, though, as I love sharing here and there are many things I will share here that aren’t part of the Mixed-Up Files of […]

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Paper Love: Putting it in Words

I love mail. Letters, post cards, notes, photos… anything but bills and rejection letters! So, when it was my turn to blog for The Mixed-Up Files of Middle-Grade Authors, I decided to share a few words about Paper Love. January is great time to start the 52 Letters Challenge, although anyone can start at any […]

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Celebrate the First Down

I grew up with college football. Correction: I grew up with Buckeye football. I was actually born a Nittany Lion. My father’s first teaching position was at Penn State.  I don’t remember much about those early years. I do remember a big lion statue, but maybe that memory comes from trips back to State College when […]

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