A Country Mile

Middle-Grade Meets the Moon

I’ve been finding it challenging to keep up my author blog here on my website while also contributing to The Mixed-Up Files of Middle-Grade Authors blog. I’m not ready to give up, though, as I love sharing here and there are many things I will share here that aren’t part of the Mixed-Up Files of […]

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Paper Love: Putting it in Words

I love mail. Letters, post cards, notes, photos… anything but bills and rejection letters! So, when it was my turn to blog for The Mixed-Up Files of Middle-Grade Authors, I decided to share a few words about Paper Love. January is great time to start the 52 Letters Challenge, although anyone can start at any […]

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Celebrate the First Down

I grew up with college football. Correction: I grew up with Buckeye football. I was actually born a Nittany Lion. My father’s first teaching position was at Penn State.  I don’t remember much about those early years. I do remember a big lion statue, but maybe that memory comes from trips back to State College when […]

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In Danger’s Path: A Human Response

It’s been a heavy week. A week of bad news. Hurricane Harvey in Texas, wildfires in the Northwest, an earthquake in Mexico. Political turmoil that just worsens every time I think it can’t get much worse. And, with Hurricane Irma threatening Florida, it’s about to get heavier. I’m praying for friends there who’ve hunkered down […]

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