Country Life

And the goat has chosen…

Well, folks. Buckeye the doe has spoken. Everyone who commented on the previous blog entry was assigned a random number. And those numbers were placed on sticky notes. At first I thought, “Well, this is going to be easy!” Buckeye was instantly interested! And then just as quickly indifferent. She wandered a bit. She pooped […]

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Celebrating the New School Year, a Wonderful County Fair, and Giving the Old Blog a Kick in the Pants!

It’s mid August.  You know what that means. We just finished with this. And this. And that means it’s almost time for this. And, since this blog is desperately in need of something to breathe life into its poor, neglected soul, I think it’s time for this. Who doesn’t love a great giveaway? So, here’s […]

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The best birthday, inDEED!

It all started on my birthday last month. Okay, that’s not true. It started a few years ago when my in-laws purchased some neighboring farmland with a sweet, little red brick one-room schoolhouse on it. Actually, not then. It started 22 1/2 years ago when I moved to the country and into a white house just down the […]

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The Clothesline

I hung clothes on the line this week.  To some, this may sound like a mundane chore. But, for me, hanging clothes out on the clothesline is much more. And the reasons are as varied as the colors on the line. First, there’s that smell.  That fresh, crisp, clean smell of sheets or towels or […]

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