And the goat has chosen…

Well, folks. Buckeye the doe has spoken. Everyone who commented on the previous blog entry was assigned a random number. And those numbers were placed on sticky notes.

At first I thought, “Well, this is going to be easy!”


Buckeye was instantly interested!


And then just as quickly indifferent.

She wandered a bit. She pooped a lot. And, finally —


 Hey, I can’t be quick on the click AND hold the camera still at the same time!

Here’s Maggie’s video version.

goat pick movie

Did you see all that poop? I told you! Oh, the winner?

Well, that would be teacher Tarah Cummings of Minnesota!


And who says 13 is not a lucky number?

Congratulations, Tarah!

Thanks, everyone, for entering. And here’s to a great school year filled with reading, writing, and pursuing what inspires!

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2 comments on “And the goat has chosen…”

  1. Tarah Cummings

    Hello Michelle!

    I am over the moon that my class has won a set of Beef Princess books! This is fantastic! Thank you so much. You can be assured that this set of books will be well used. I’m planning to use them with my kids and to share them with other teachers to use as well.

    What an awesome gift, and I also LOVE how you had Buckeye choose! Wait until I show the kids that….they will flip!

    Thank you, thank you!
    I will email you the address information.

  2. Melanie

    I love goats and I love how they want to eat everything paper! Great idea having Buckeye choose a winner!

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