Country Life

Frost Quake

Ohio has had a rough winter by today’s standards.  It seems that we just don’t have the kind of winters I remember as a child in the  1970s.   These days the snow comes and goes.  Three or four inches of the fluffy white stuff  falls, stays a few days, then melts away as quickly as […]

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More kids on the farm!

No, not this kind of kid. This kind. On the coldest night of the year Baby, one of Maggie’s mamma Boer goats decided to bring her twins into the world. Alas, Sir Okey and Knight Dokey. Not too long after,Maggie’s other mamma goat,  Licorice, decided that delivering multiples sounded like a good idea. She outdid Baby by […]

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He waited a long time for this

My childhood home was a little lopsided.  In fact, it was WAY lopsided in favor of the females. Poor Dad was on his own. My mom and my sisters and I didn’t offer much in the way of fishing fellows (“Eww… I’m not touching that worm!”), baseball buddies (“The Cincinnati Reds’ are on the radio AGAIN?”), or football fanatics […]

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Labor Day ~ September 7, 2009

This morning, by habit, I woke at the usual Monday AM hour and rolled over.  My groggy brain somehow remembered that today is Labor Day, a Congressional  gift to hard-working Americans  in 1894, and I rolled back over and snoozed another hour.   (Okay, I didn’t actually pull the year 1894 out of my groggy morning […]

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