Labor Day ~ September 7, 2009

This morning, by habit, I woke at the usual Monday AM hour and rolled over.  My groggy brain somehow remembered that today is Labor Day, a Congressional  gift to hard-working Americans  in 1894, and I rolled back over and snoozed another hour.   (Okay, I didn’t actually pull the year 1894 out of my groggy morning brain, but I did look it up later.)

Labor Day on the farm is an interesting mix of work and play.  Of course, no school means no school work!  But this morning, The Farmer of My Dreams (also known as my husband, Mark, or TFoMD) informed the kids that a wagon of hay must be unloaded into the haymow right away.  As they backed the wagon into the barn, one piece of equipment was obviously missing.  The hay elevator.  Now, for those who aren’t farm-savvy, the hay elevator is a cool conveyor that moves the heavy bales of green hay (and they are heavy… just ask one of the two kids who are lying on their backs panting right about now.)

“It’s only one the load,” TFoMD informed the kids.  “No need to drag out the elevator.  We can throw it up into the mow.”   Moaning and groaning could be heard across the countryside.
But , they went to work and about an hour later the deed was done.   The wagon was empty.  The mow was a little fuller.  The workers were sweaty and exhausted, but filled with the sense of accomplishment brought on by hard, physical labor.  At least that’s what TFoMD says.

My labor this morning?  I took these pictures.  It was hard work.  I’m tuckered out.

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7 comments on “Labor Day ~ September 7, 2009”

  1. Kelly

    my book club is reading your book, we’ve only read 2 chapters and we already love it!!!!!!!!thank you so much

  2. Tammy Rich

    I am so excited about reading your book with the Readers in Pink! We are the girls group I was telling you about at the conference in Louisville, KY. WE just got started and are blogging with you this morning. Would you consider skyping with us?

    • Michelle

      Hi Tammy!

      I’m having a blast this morning reading all the comments from the Readers in Pink book club!! Tell them I say HELLO and I’d love to talk with them more later. Send me an email about Skype and we’ll talk about it!

      Have a great day and keep reading!

  3. Keisha Abrell

    We have readers in pink every wensday morining in the ACMS library. ANd right now we are reading your book it is awesome!! And it lsounds like it would be a lot of fun living on a farm once ive read your book. It would be awesome if you wrote another book.

  4. Rebecca M.

    Hi. I think its so cool that any normal person can become a writer just like you did.

  5. Sarah

    Hey I realy like your book the beef princess of practical county. We were reading this in the book club at my school. I’m realy excited and can’t wait to finish.

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