More kids on the farm!

No, not this kind of kid.

This kind.

On the coldest night of the year Baby, one of Maggie’s mamma Boer goats decided to bring her twins into the world.

Alas, Sir Okey and Knight Dokey.

Not too long after,Maggie’s other mamma goat,  Licorice, decided that delivering multiples sounded like a good idea.

She outdid Baby by one.  Licorice gave us the farm’s first set of triplets.

Meet Duchess Della, Lady Louisa, and Her Majesty Queen Ann.

(Maggie must have been in a royal mood that night.)

So, overnight our goat population grew from two to seven.

But that’s okay.

If you ask me, a farm can’t have enough kids.

Or kids.

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5 comments on “More kids on the farm!”

  1. Chelsea

    They are WAY too cute. Man, I love animals. I’m gonna come live in your barn with them, k?

  2. misty

    Genny and I LOVED your photos. your kids are adorable… we have friends who breed fainting goats and, in the spring, we love to linger out there with the babies… That’s the way it is… us suburbanites must live vicariously through you amazing farm folk. 🙂

  3. Okie Book Woman

    What cute KIDS! Do you by any chance read She is a writer who lives in West Virginia with her three teenagers. She lives on a farm with lots of animals and writes about them often. This is a relatively new venture for her. She moved to West Virginia and little by little has acquired animals over the past three years or so. I bet you’d enjoy her blog. (She has goats and they are often the subject of her writing and her photography.)

  4. Lori Clark Murray

    Awwww, those pics are soooooooo cute! Congratulations! Thanks for sharing!

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