Fan Mail – Whoda thunk it?

Now that the school visits have started in earnest, I am humbled to discover that I am developing a small but,oh-so-enthusiastic fan base!  Imagine that!  I don’t know why I’m so surprised by this.  I remember vividly how, during my elementary years, any new face at school was intriguing.  And if that face smiled and showed interest in our wee selves, we were hooked.  That visitor was our new best friend.

So, here’s how I nearly missed my very first fan message.  It came via email with this in the subject line:


I was pretty sure it was a trick.  I didn’t know the sender’s name and I figured he or she was most likely emailing about the millions of dollars waiting for me in a secret bank account in Uganda.  I almost deleted it.  But the teacher in me, the part of me that has spent years deciphering invented spelling, said, “No wait! You want to open this one!”  And so I did.

My name is miron Iam in Mrs.Rollins class you talked with us two weeks ago we asked you question . and you answer it thank you so much for that .

Be still my little author’s heart.  This young man is part of an English Language Learner’s class I had virtually visited via Skype.  He and his classmates, mostly from Iran, had prepared the most awesome questions for me. Our Skype chat went by much too quickly.

Some fan mail comes with illustration.

(Oh, dear.  That’s me, I think!  Maybe I need to spend a little more time in front of a mirror before a school visit.)

This is a lovely recreation of the book cover.  I adore this picture:

Okay, now you get to try your hand at deciphering invented spelling.  I’m loving this!

But most of all, I’m just basking in the love!

Ah, fans.  We all need ’em, don’t we?

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2 comments on “Fan Mail – Whoda thunk it?”

  1. Terry Keiser

    Thanks for allowing me to visit your blog. It was almost as good as a trip to the farm! I loved the pictures and the remarks from your fans!!
    (I felt the LOVE!)
    Terry Keiser

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