The Schoolhouse Saga: Phase One – Done!

Many folks have been asking about “the little red brick schoolhouse.”  Well, that little building has stirred up the neighborhood in recent weeks.  That’s because in early September it finally became obvious that something was going on.  Since then, the schoolhouse has shed its shed, gained a whole lot of new slate, established its own Facebook page and had its bell rung! Here’s a peek at the progress:

The Schoolhouse Saga: Phase One

The Schoolhouse Saga: Phase OneThe old shed is coming off.  We once believed this shed was added for machinery storage after the school was closed in 1940.  But I recently learned that it was part of the school as early as the 1920s and maybe before that.  It was for coal storage.

The Schoolhouse Saga: Phase OneHere’s the beautiful new bell tower built by Kenny.  The bell is from a one-room schoolhouse in Carthage, Indiana.

The Schoolhouse Saga: Phase OneCranes are amazing.  The usually-quiet corner was all a-buzz with activity and neighbors who stopped to see the bell and tower lifted.

One very special witness was Sally, a 92-year-old neighbor who attended the school as a child.  It was such an honor to have her there!

The Schoolhouse Saga: Phase OneKenny said it would fit perfectly. And it did.

The Schoolhouse Saga: Phase OneNew soffits and eaves going up.

Doesn’t she look purty?

Doesn’t she look purty?


What next?  everyone asks.  Well, obviously windows, doors, brick restoration…. but all that will have to wait.  The Schoolhouse Fund is dry and winter’s on the way.  So, we’ll cover up the now-exposed windows, shut the door and wait for spring.  Looks like I’d better get busy writing!

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2 comments on “The Schoolhouse Saga: Phase One – Done!”

  1. Melanie

    I wonder what the wider, garage-door-looking, door is/was for? The detail in the brick under the eaves in front is beautiful and interesting. I wonder how the different designs of each schoolhouse were determined. I’m glad you’re restoring this bit of history. How sweet that Sally could attend to see this bit of her history being rejuvenated. Heartwarming!

    • Michelle

      Melanie, the big door was placed in there after it was no longer a school and it became a tractor/machine shed. You’ll notice the big door is now gone, back to its original walk-in door shape, thanks to some very skilled brick restoration experts! I’m so happy Sally and some other former students have been able to watch this work-in-progress!

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