A Country Mile

In Search of Home for a Gnome

In 2011, I was deep into my nisse research as I worked on WINTERFROST. I wrote the following after a family hiking trip in Ohio’s Hocking Hills. Since fall is a wonderful time for a walk in the woods, and since – depending upon how the falling leaves have fallen – it may or may […]

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Winter(frost) is Here!

    Today is a book’s birthday.  The birth of book day. The day in which the world gets to meet the book I’ve nurtured for what feels like an eternity. A book’s gestation is longer than any living being’s. A book can spend years and years en utero. And then, on a date predetermined […]

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I’m Sensing a Theme Here

So, here’s how it went down today at Mazza’s Summer Conference: Aaron Reynolds got up to speak. I had my notebook. I had my pen. At the top of the page, I wrote the date, then “Aaron Reynolds.” Then, “Chicago.” (It’s where he lives.) Then …. Aaron Reynolds talked  performed captured my attention for an […]

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Destiny. Heart. Perseverance.

David Shannon was destined to become a picture book author and illustrator. Literally. Destined. He wrote his Caldecott Honor book No, David when he just five years old. Well, a rough draft at least.  Destiny. After several years of editorial illustration, producing work that was usually serious and sometimes dark, David returned to the drawings […]

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