Winter(frost) is Here!


frosty tree


Today is a book’s birthday.  The birth of book day. The day in which the world gets to meet the book I’ve nurtured for what feels like an eternity. A book’s gestation is longer than any living being’s. A book can spend years and years en utero. And then, on a date predetermined by the great deliverer (a.k.a “publisher”), a book is born, released into the world.  It’s terribly fun and wonderfully scary to think people will probably read my book. They’ll read the words and they’ll laugh or cry or yawn or finish it or not. But it’s no longer mine. It’s been born and it belongs to all of us.

I’m represented by the kind and hardworking and lovely Karen Grencik at Red Fox Literary. One of my favorite things about this agency is that the authors and illustrators support one another. We cheer for one another. We love each other’s babies (the book kind and the chubby, cuddly human kind.)

I was asked to guest post on the Red Fox blog in honor of WINTERFROST”s release today. If it’s warm or even HOT where you are on this late summer day, hop on over to the Red Fox blog, where it’s magically frosty this afternoon!
Click Here to read my Guest Post on the Red Fox Literary Blog.

And, remember to always, always, always take care of your nisse. And he will take care of you.

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  1. Deb Zimmerman

    Michelle…JLG Selection is REALLY COOL for libraries. We will certainly be talking about Winterfrost throughout the freeze and thaw and into baseball season with Kammie on First! Wonderful news!

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