Paper Love: Putting it in Words

I love mail. Letters, post cards, notes, photos… anything but bills and rejection letters!

So, when it was my turn to blog for The Mixed-Up Files of Middle-Grade Authors, I decided to share a few words about Paper Love. January is great time to start the 52 Letters Challenge, although anyone can start at any time.

Click on over to The Mixed-Up Files to read my latest blog post about putting your thoughts on paper for someone else.

And send some Paper Love to someone today!


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4 comments on “Paper Love: Putting it in Words”

  1. carole calladine

    Love this post. 52 letters a year Now that’s paper love.

    • Michelle

      Thank you, Carol! I’m answering 4 letters this evening while a fire burns in the fireplace and another snow shower begins outside. Tomorrow there’s no mail, so they’ll get posted Tuesday. 🙂

  2. Melanie

    Snail mail!! You know me……I’m always on board for snail mail. 33 sent so far in 2018. 332 to go.

    • Michelle

      Yes, Melanie, I do know you! And indeed you are the QUEEN of the 365 Letter Challenge… something even I haven’t taken on – yet! But some days I send out 4 or 5 responses to people who’ve started the 52 Letter Challenge, so I’d be curious to count how many letters I really do send each year! You’ve challenged me to keep track! Write on!

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