A Word (or Two) with Phil Bildner – Reposted from The Mixed-Up Files of Middle Grade Authors

Along with this blog, I have the privilege of blogging for The Mixed-Up Files of Middle-Grade Authors. I’m one of more than 30 author-bloggers who take turns providing content relevant to the middle-grade reader, teacher, parent or librarian. Mixed-Up Files bloggers blog every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with some special events happening in between. We keep busy, and we keep our collective finger on the pulse of middle-grade lit.

While I usually keep my own author blog (you’re here now) and my blogging for Mixed-Up Files separate, there are some posts that just have to be cross-posted.  This is one.  Late last month, it was my pleasure to interview author Phil Bildner. I challenged him to answer my questions in just a single word, or perhaps two, if he was feeling particularly verbose. It was great fun and I invite you to read that interview


There’s more to share about Phil’s impact on readers and his great passion for teaching empathy to all kids. But, I’ll save that for another interview – that one will take more than just a couple of words.

For now, click and enjoy the post from The Mixed-Up Files of Middle-Grade Authors.




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