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Mo says, “You missed it.”

This message isn’t from me. It comes straight from Mo to my computer to  you. You aren’t allowed to know what happened here today. Seriously.  I’m not allowed to photograph any more.  Honestly, he threatened to publicly shame those who attempted a shot. (He didn’t remember I already snapped this one!) I’m not allowed to […]

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Jon Muth

With a stunning watercolor painting in the background, Jon paints for the Mazza audience, turning a single black line into a Labrador retriever. Born and raised in Cincinnati, a young Jon Muth headed to New York with $500 and a dream of painting for a living.  When it became clear he would need to eat to survive, […]

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The Mazza Medallion of Excellence for Artistic Diversity

Isn’t that a mouthful? This evening, artist David Macaulay joined a prestigious list of Medallion recipients which includes Ted Rand, Robert Sabuda, and Paul Zelinsky to name just a few.  With great enthusiasm, Dr. Jerry Mallett welcomed before  a packed house the British-born, architecturally-trained, RISD instructor who introduced young readers to a fresh perspective in informational picture […]

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Mazza Friday

It happens every year.  We get to Friday morning of the Mazza Summer Institute and we wonder “How? How can this day even hope to live up to the previous four?”  This past week, we’ve heard from children’s book illustrators and authors whose work could be described with words such as: adorable, interesting, bold, subtle, delightful, […]

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Mazza Thursday

On a cloudy Thursday morning, the skies opened up, and I promise you, the corn lifted its leafy arms to the heavens and said, “Thank you!”  Here’s a picture of the happiest ear of corn I’ve ever seen.  I know you’re asking yourself, “what does this have to do with art from children’s picture books?”  Well, I […]

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