Mo says, “You missed it.”

Mo Willems

This message isn’t from me.

It comes straight from Mo to my computer to  you.

You aren’t allowed to know what happened here today.

Seriously.  I’m not allowed to photograph any more.  Honestly, he threatened to publicly shame those who attempted a shot.

(He didn’t remember I already snapped this one!)

I’m not allowed to blog.


Because.  We, the fortunate 400, were here.  We were at the Mazza Museum. In Findlay, Ohio. On November 10, 2012. We experience something that no photograph, no blog post can recreate.  Our own personal accounts of this experience likely won’t even be enough to accurately share the feelings and excitement in the room this weekend.

So, that’s it, I guess.

Next time, be here.

And to find out more about next time, visit The Mazza Museum. Visit it online. And then visit it in person.

Because nothing is the same as being here.

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