Welcome to My Personal Window to Imagination

I love windows. I love looking in them, getting glimpses of others’ lives (that’s not creepy, right?). I love looking out from my kitchen window where I can see the barnyard, fields, birds, sunsets… And there’s one spot in my house where I can stand and look out a window and actually see into the window in another part of the house. It’s like an “out of body experience” – actually looking in on my own life from the outside. (Okay, now that sounds creepy!)

So, what will you find if you peek through the windows of my web world? New books, old books, my speaking schedule, advice for writers young and old, how to contact me, and perhaps some of my rambling thoughts. (Most often found on my blog A Country Mile!)

Click around. Send me an email. (Or better yet, real mail! With a stamp. Delivered by my wonderful mail lady. I WILL respond to every letter I get in the mail. I promise.)