Red lemon, yellow lemon, red lemon, yellow lemon…

Mazza’s artist are all talented. They’re all brilliant. They amaze, entertain, and dazzle us with their stories. But they don’t always agree with one another. Take, for example, today’s keynote artists.  Laura Vaccaro Seeger and Bob Staake just couldn’t find common ground.

lemons are not redthe red lemon

Well, at least not on this one issue.

But it’s okay. They agreed to disagree and moved on the points far more life-changing.

IMG_6929 IMG_6927 seeger web small

Laura Vaccaro Seeger (First the Egg, Green, Bully) told the
Mazza audience that children learn early to “read the pictures.”

staake web small

Bob Staake (Bluebird and My Pet Book) said “Pictures are language.”

Discussing process, both artists agreed that they take the big picture and “pare it down” (Staake) or “zoom in very close” (Seeger) to get the heart of subject in their art.

And both mesmerized the Mazza audience in the same way they capture their picture book readers. One colorful, humorous, thought-provoking book at a time.

Now, if they could only come to terms over that lemon thing….

What a Mazza Monday! We’re off to a fantastic start to an unforgettable week.

Tomorrow brings author Margery Cuyler and Illustrator Lynne Avril.

See you soon.


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