In Memory of a Bookstore

It’s been two and a half years since my first book was released.

I’m thankful for many things.  To name just a few:

    •  the enthusiastic readers I’ve met,
    • my fellow authors (especially the first-class crowd of Ohio authors) who support and cheer one another passionately,
    • and the fact that the book is still in print!

I’m also profoundly grateful to the hard-working men and women in the book selling industry.

These folks, owners and employees of neighborhood independent bookstores and employees of major chain stores who do their best to connect readers with books.

I’ve met folks who are willing to put aside their work to keep me company for a couple of hours when almost no one shows up for a signing,

folks who decorate their stores with farm scenes,

and make my daughter feel like the best book-signing assistant ever.

But in the past two and a half years, some of my favorite bookstores, bookstores who hosted me,  have gone out of business.  Like this one…


Oh, my heart broke when Stately Raven in Findlay, Ohio closed its doors last year.  This place was breathtaking.

And, this one…


The Canalside Bookshop (it was located along the Miami-Erie Canal) where two cats, Agatha and Maya, took turns crawling over the signing table.

Even the charming little Cottage Bookstore at our local university branch campus, who handled all of my school visits with speed and professionalism….

CK-39732 Denise Robinow ( Dickie Center Open House at Lake Campus 10-1-09 )

… has been purchased by a national chain and has less power to choose what lines their shelves.

I’m still so thrilled for some of my favorites that are hanging in there.  Like….


…  the charming Beehive Books in downtown Delaware, Ohio.

And New Bremen Coffee and Books


… in New Bremen, Ohio.

And I couldn’t end without mentioning the absolutely adorable …


Blue Marble Children’s Bookstore in Fort Thomas, Kentucky, just across the Ohio River from downtown Cincinnati.

So, what about your favorite bookstore?  Is it small or large?  Independent or a national chain?  Is it thriving or barely surviving?

And, what’s at the root of this rash of bookstore closings?  Is it a result of the ECONOMIC times?  Or the ELECTRONIC times?

I’d love to hear what’s on your mind!

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